EU coordinates further 6 Humanitarian Air Bridge flights for Gaza.

European Commission
Press Release
Brussels, 10 November 2023

The EU continues to work around the clock to channel humanitarian assistance to Gaza. A further 6 EU humanitarian air bridge flights are now scheduled for the coming days. Of these, two flights from Brindisi, Italy, are scheduled to depart today and tomorrow carrying 55 tonnes of items donated from the EU to the World Food Programme. The cargo includes logistical items such a mobile storage unit, cold-chain supplies and other items that will increase the capacity of humanitarian organisations to ensure a more efficient response for people in Gaza. A further three flights are due to depart next week from Bucharest carrying shelter material, such as tents and mattresses, donated by Romania. The remaining flight will depart from Ostende, Belgium later this month carrying supplies from UN agencies and other humanitarian partners. In total, this brings EU air bridge flights to 14 in the past weeks with over 550 tonnes of emergency aid for the people of Gaza being transported to Egypt for...
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