Commission proposes visa-free travel to the EU for Qatar and Kuwait nationals.

European Commission
Press release
Brussels, 27 April 2022

Today, the Commission is proposing to lift visa requirements for nationals of Qatar and Kuwait. Under this proposal, once agreed, Qatar and Kuwait nationals holding biometric passports would no longer need a visa when travelling to the EU for short stays of up to 90 days in any 180-day period for business, tourism or family purposes. This proposal comes after the Commission assessed a number of criteria including irregular migration, public policy and security, economic benefits, and the Union's relations with the two countries. It will contribute to strengthening relations with Gulf countries. High Representative/Vice-President, Josep Borrell, said: “Our proposal to lift visa requirements for Qatari and Kuwaiti nationals is a first step to make it easier for people from the entire region to travel to the European Union. The final objective is to ensure regional coherence and ultimately achieve visa free travel for all Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Together with our upcoming...
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