New Pact on Migration and Asylum: new mandate, new start for the European Union Agency for Asylum.

European Commission
Press release
Brussels, 19 January 2022

Today, the new European Union Agency for Asylum starts work with its reinforced mandate, building on the achievements of its predecessor, the European Asylum Support Office. The new agency is a key deliverable under the New Pact on Migration and Asylum. It will help ensure that asylum decisions are taken in a fast and fair manner and that reception standards converge across the EU, bringing more uniformity in decision making and alignment between Member States' asylum systems. A stronger agency to support the EU's asylum system Building on the experience of the European Asylum Support Office, the new agency will have a reinforced mandate that will contribute to: More efficient asylum systems through greater operational and technical support to Member States, including training (with particular emphasis on reception conditions), preparedness, information analysis, and exchange of information. Improved assistance: A reserve of 500 experts including case handlers, interpreters or...
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