Questions and Answers: Commission support for the situation on the Greek islands.

European Commission
Brussels, 29 March 2021

What are the next steps in establishing the new reception facility on Lesvos? With the funding agreement for the construction of the new centre, the Commission has provided clarity on the financing. The European Commission and the Ministry of Migration and Asylum will proceed with the finalisation and signature of the grant agreement, which includes the description of the plan, the estimated budget and the conditions linked to interim payments and the progress of the works. In parallel, the Greek authorities are obtaining the necessary permits to allow for construction, as well as finalising the technical designs for the future centre so that the procurement process to contract the construction works can start quickly. In this design process, EASO technical experts are associated. Is the Commission supporting new reception facilities on other Greek islands? In December 2020, the Commission signed a grant agreement with the Greek authorities for the construction of 3 new reception...
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