European values: towards a permanent monitoring mechanism against backsliding.

European Parliament
Press Release
22 September 2020

- Legislative initiative to protect democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights through preventive and corrective measures- The EU is “structurally ill-equipped” to tackle backsliding in its member states, while facing an “unprecedented and escalating crisis of its founding values”- Parliament, Council and Commission to monitor developments in all EU countries with help from independent experts The EU needs a “robust, comprehensive and positive agenda” to effectively protect and reinforce EU values, according to the Civil Liberties Committee. With 51 votes to 14 and one abstention, the Civil Liberties Committee adopted on Tuesday a legislative initiative report that envisions an EU mechanism being established to protect and strengthen democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights. The text reiterates MEPs’ concerns regarding “the rise and entrenchment of autocratic and illiberal tendencies”, further compounded by COVID-19, as well as “corruption,...
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