Italian universities keep climbing up the QS University ranking.

Edoardo Bonatti
11 giugno 2020


Some very positive news for the Italian educational system. According to the prestigious QS University Ranking, Milan’s Politecnico is the 137th best university in the world. Storied universities such as Bologna’s Alma Mater Studiorum and Rome’s Sapienza are firmly in the top 200.

Politecnico di Milano is described by Quacquarelli Symonds analysts as one of the “most outstanding technical universities in Europe”. The university is the best in Italy for the sixth straight year thanks to the exceptional quality of its research programs, fueled by a strong link with the private sector and substantial European funds. Politecnico is also a proud member of IDEA League, a strategic alliance among the five leading European technology universities (together with the Dutch Delft University of Technology, Swiss ETH Zurich, German RWTH in Aachen and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden). Politecnico also appears in the top ten for Engineering, Art & Design, and Architecture programs.

Academic reputation is the main strength of Bologna University, as it fits the oldest university in the world, ranking 69th in this particular aspect. Rome’s Sapienza is just behind it. The Roman University can also boast the second-best Classic and Ancient History program in the world, yielding last year first place to Oxford for less than a point. Bologna and Rome are very close in the overall ranking placing 160th and 171st, respectively.

Overall, Italy’s performance should be a reason to celebrate. Padua University is just out the top 200 but, as is the case of the ones mentioned before, its position is steadily improving each year. Turin Politecnico and the University of Milan are very close to breaking into the top 300. Milano-Bicocca is the best Italian university when it comes to the impact factor of its research, enjoying a “Citations per faculty” index placing it near the global top 100. In the end, thirteen universities saw their position improve over last year while four appeared for the first time.

With the Covid-19 pandemic winding down, Italy is looking forward to opening its doors to the world once more. The strength of its universities and the growing prestige they enjoy abroad may very well be one of the key reasons to choose to study in Italy for anyone looking to combine their education with their love of Italy and Europe.

Source: QS World University Rankings