Bocconi is the first university in Europe for economics research.

Edoardo Bonatti
11 maggio 2018


Bocconi University is, according to the Tilburg University Economics Schools Research Ranking, one of the leading university in the world when it comes to Economics schools research. Bocconi with its 21st place is the first university in the ranking not located in the Anglo-Saxon sphere and the first in continental Europe.

The ranking is based on publications in 35 major peer-reviewed journals, all weighted the same, and takes into consideration the 2013-2017 period. Tilburg University noted how the ranking fills a niche not already covered by the University of Texas, Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings and the Arizona State University Finance research ranking. Even in these Bocconi University charts amongst the top 100 schools for research (66th in the UTD ranking and 100th in the ASU one).

Bocconi University represents the Italian excellence when it comes to economics, business, and finance higher education. In fact, Tilburg’s is the latest ranking affirming Bocconi’s position among the best universities in the world, this time taking into account the most important dimension for a university: research. Marco Ottaviani, prorettore alla ricerca, said: “This result is not a sudden one but is the last step in a constant progression”; he then stated how research is crucial for a university, as there cannot be the transmission of knowledge without the production of knowledge”.

The quality of Italian universities is further confirmed by the presence of the University of Bologna in the Tilburg ranking. The Emilian college reaches the 81st place, tied with the University of Vienna and Vanderbilt University. The positive trend that both Italian institutes register shows that the national university system is increasingly competitive when compared to global competitors.

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Source: Corriere della Sera