Future of EU migration and asylum policy.

Council of the European Union
3735th Council meeting
Justice and Home Affairs
Brussels, 2 and 3 December 2019

Ministers discussed the future of the EU migration and asylum policy, on the basis of a report prepared by the Finnish Presidency. The debate wrapped up the reflection process which was launched at the informal JHA ministers meeting in July and has continued over the past months in various Council bodies. During the debate, ministers welcomed the Commission's intention to present a new pact on migration and asylum. They confirmed the need for a comprehensive whole-of government and whole-of-route approach to migration. They also highlighted several areas where further work would be needed, including:    – Improving cooperation with third countries by building balanced and sustainable partnerships, both to prevent irregular migration and to improve cooperation on return    – Setting up more efficient asylum procedures which cover all circumstances    – Further supporting member states under specific pressure, notably frontline member states    – Enhancing the link...
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