Italian universities excels in Classics studies but are always looking to the future.

Edoardo Bonatti
28 febbraio 2019


The world ranking of the best universities shows Italian ones steadily advancing towards the top. According to the Quacquarelli Symonds world rankings by subjects they are, with their 44 institutions spread over 48 fields of studies, the fourth in Europe and the seventh in the world. Italy is the third European nation for the number of positions occupied and eighteen Italian universities were ranked among the top 100 for 36 distinct disciplines.

These results come following the already positive ones in the year prior confirming an upward trend, adding a university compared to the previous ranking and confirming Sapienza’s first spot in the department of Classics and Ancient History. There are five more Italian universities in the top 50 (34 this year), 15 more in the top 100 (98 now) and twenty-three more in the top 200 (236 overall). Qs’ ranking covers 1,200 universities in 78 countries and takes into account the opinion of 83,000 academics and 42,000 employers. Four parameters are used in the evaluation: academic reputation, the reputation of the employer, citations for publishing and H Index (research’s impact index).

Sapienza’s president extolled the importance of classical culture in which his university excels, Rome’s first university is also the is eleventh in the world in Archaeology, 34th in Physics, 43rd in Library science, saying that “this heritage represents the core values of our society and we have the duty to transmit it to our students, because it offers tools of analysis and transversal skills that can make a difference even in a labour market where technology and scientific and technical skills evolve very quickly, becoming obsolete in a short time “.

The University of Bologna is among the best national universities in four subjects: Arts and Humanities, Modern Languages, Agro-Forestry Sciences, and Dentistry. The third national champion is the University of Padua, thirty-sixth in the world in Anatomy.

Milan is the best-represented city with seven universities appearing in the ranking and its Polytechnic University is in the top ten in three disciplines: sixth in Art & Design, seventh in Civil Engineering and seventh in Mechanical Engineering. Bocconi University is eighth in the world in Business & Management, sixteenth in Economics and eighteenth in Finance.

Ben Sowter, Qs’ responsible for research and analysis, remarked how, especially among the ferociously competitive global academic world, these are positive results for Italian academic excellence. International recruiters hold Italian graduates in high esteem and, thanks to their highly competitive education, usually tend to hire them.

Source: La Repubblica