The best diet in the world: Italian food exports reaches record heights in 2018.

Edoardo Bonatti
14 gennaio 2019


Worldwide consumption of Italian food and wines has never been so high. Food and beverage exports reached 42 billion euros, a historic high according to Coldiretti, registering a 3% growth over 2017. This excellent result confirms the potential of the Made in Italy agri-food industry for the economic and employment recovery of the country.

The basic products of the Mediterranean diet starting from wines, the most exported Italian product showing a 3% increase in value, are the ones boosting the growth of Italian exports. However, the real star is the category of sparkling wines with an outstanding +13 % thus reaching a value in abroad sales of more than 1.5 billion euros during 2018. Wines aside – continues Coldiretti – we can find fresh fruits and vegetables, which, in terms of value, record a slight 4% decrease, while cured meats and cheeses, with an increase of 3% in value, and pasta, increasing by 2%, are characterized by good performances. These results stem from the high standards of quality control required in the national food industry that can count on 5056 traditional products registered by the Regions, 294 EU-recognized Dop/Igp specialties and 415 Doc/Docg wines.

The recognition of the Mediterranean diet as the best in the world by the Us News and World Report magazine strengthen these results further. Among the 41 different diet regimens examined, the Mediterranean diet conquered the first place in several sub-categories: the better diet for healthy eating, the better plant-based diet, the better diet for diabetes and the easier diet to follow. Italian food is one of the main components of this UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage as Italy’s eating habits are not just a diet but they are deeply interwoven with the country’s culture and history. offers to non-EU entrepreneurs many opportunities to expand their businesses in the Italian wine-making industry: they can buy a farm and holiday farm in Tuscany or invest in the capital of the companies owning a world-class winery on the hills of Monferrato or a farm in the area of the Alto Monferrato.

Source: Coldiretti