Remarks of Commissioner Avramopoulos on fulfilment of visa liberalisation benchmarks and on progress towards achieving full visa reciprocity.

European Commission
Brussels, 19 December 2018

Dear all, In a world that is becoming increasingly mobile, we want that mobility to happen in a fair but orderly manner. Yesterday it was International Migrants Day, and today we expect the UN General Assembly to endorse the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.  There is a misconception today that most people on the move do so irregularly or only for reasons of poverty or persecution. Many people today also move and travel for tourism, for business reasons, or to visit family for example. We do not want to hamper that kind of mobility.  But that kind of mobility depends also on our international partners.  Today, citizens from around 60 countries around the world can travel to the EU without needing a visa. In turn, EU citizens should also receive the possibility to travel to these countries without a visa. This reciprocity is a central principle in our visa policy.  Thanks to our continued engagement and patient diplomatic efforts, we have successfully achieved...
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