Remarks by Commissioner Avramopoulos on progress made under the European Agenda on Migration.

European Commission - Speech
Brussels, 4 December 2018

Dear all, I have been in this pressroom many times to update you on the migratory situation, the progress made and the challenges ahead of us.  Today may seem no different, but it is different.  For one, it is different because we are no longer facing disproportionate uncontrolled migration arrivals to our shores.   The comprehensive approach established by the EU and its Member States over the past four years has delivered tangible results.    We have deepened cooperation with partners outside the EU, saved almost 700,000 lives in the Mediterranean, and better protected our external borders.   As a result, arrivals are below those in 2014, and we will continue our work so that they go down even further.  But today is also different because we are no longer in a “business as usual mode”. Over the past years, we have reacted swiftly to the most pressing urgencies and emergencies. Being in “crisis mode” was our “business as usual” in fact.   While our joint...
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