Investing in Italy: a web conference explaining why and how to English-speaking American investors and patrons.

Edoardo Bonatti
8 ottobre 2018


Viterbo, October 4, 2018. In the afternoon, the third web conference in English Investing in Italy: the new entry visa and residence permit for investors and tax advantages was transmitted. The web conference aims at explaining to the English-speaking business community and to art patrons in the United States, with a particular focus on the Texas-based ones, the Italian visa program for non-European investors intending to invest in Italian companies and start-ups or to donate towards the preservation Italian cultural heritage. About one hundred entrepreneurs and professionals attended the event organized by Jusweb, as part of its Investor Visa Italy service, under the patronage of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas.

Reports, given by Raffaele Miele, director of Investor Visa Italy, and Massimo Pellecchia, a member of the International Taxation Commission of ODCEC – Italian Society of Chartered Accountants of Rome, provided potential investors with all the elements needed to acquaint themselves with the requirements and procedures for obtaining the new entry visa. They also addressed the topic of the tax breaks that new residents who will move their fiscal residency will receive. Alessia Paolicchi, Secretary-General of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas, based in Houston, explained to the audience the role of the Chamber in the promotion of Italian brand products in the USA and if investments in Italy.

This is the third one in a series of web conferences, riding on the success of the previous one, aimed at the Turkish market, and broadcasted less than a month ago. The first web conference, for Russian entrepreneurs, took place in May and it was similarly successful. Other web conferences intended for India, the Gulf countries, China, and for other countries with a predisposition to invest in Italy will be held in the following months.

The web conference’s full recording is already available.