Conference on Security and Migration – Promoting Partnership and Resilience.

Vienna, 13.09.218 - 14.09.2018

The conference “Security and Migration – Promoting Partnership and Resilience” is dedicated to cooperation with third countries. It brings together home affairs ministers of EU member states and third countries as well as representatives of the relevant EU agencies and international organisations. On 13 September the focus will be on cooperation with the Western Balkans and Moldova in police matters, Prüm for South-East Europe, asylum/migration/border management as well as European values – extremism/terrorism. On 14 September the cooperation with North Africa with regard to migration and security will be on the agenda.   1. Western Balkans Conference: Signature of Prüm agreement for Southeast EuropePress release - 13 September Home affairs ministers from the Western Balkans, EU and Moldova agree on automated data exchange “Today, we have decided to raise the level of cooperation with the Western Balkans to that of Prüm. This represents a milestone in the fight against...
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