State of the Union 2018: A fully equipped European Border and Coast Guard – Questions and Answers

European Commission
Fact Sheet, 12 September 2018

Why is the Commission proposing to reinforce the European Border and Coast Guard? At the June 2018 European Council meeting, EU leaders confirmed the need for a more effective control of the EU's external borders and agreed that the role of the European Border and Coast Guard "should be further strengthened through increased resources and an enhanced mandate". Europe needs to be able to effectively manage its external borders, improve returns and provide a high level of security within the Union.The establishment of the European Border and Coast Guard in 2016 – put in place in record time following a Commission proposal – was a step change in that regard with significant progress achieved over the past 2 years. But the reliance on voluntary Member State contributions of staff and equipment has resulted in persistent gaps that have affected the efficiency of joint operations. Building on these 2 years of work and responding to the call of the European Council, the Commission is...
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