Questions & Answers: Reinforced security funding for 2021-2027.

European Commission
Fact Sheet

Strasbourg, 13 June 2018

The Juncker Commission has made security a top priority since day one. It is the most basic and universal of rights to feel safe and secure in your own home. The EU budget has a key role to play in supporting Member States in keeping Europeans safe, in particular when security threats know no borders and insidiously target our values and our way of life. How will the future internal security budget change? Over recent years, security threats have intensified and diversified. They are increasingly cross-border in nature meaning Member States can no longer act alone. While protecting citizens is a national competence, the European Union plays a vital role in supporting Member States' efforts. Security will remain a defining issue for the EU for years to come and Europe's citizens rightly expect their Union and national governments to deliver security in a fast-changing and uncertain world. The future budget must match those political ambitions. The European Commission proposes to...
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