Remarks by Commissioner Avramopoulos on the Commission's proposal for the EU's future funding for borders and migration.

European Commission
Strasbourg, 12 June 2018

Dear all, The incident in the Mediterranean with the Aquarius vessel yesterday has reminded us once again that migration is not just a theoretical discussion. Migration is very real and tangible – and above all: it concerns people. What is more: European citizens are deeply concerned about this issue. I have followed reactions in the press and on social media recently too. No one believes this is an Italian responsibility, or a Maltese or a Spanish one. This is also a European issue, requiring a European response – in all aspects, and involving all Member States. This is precisely what we have been doing over the past three years through our common approach at all levels, achieving:- significantly less arrivals overall;- fewer deaths at sea;- stronger external borders;- protection for hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people; and- closer cooperation with third countries. But as the incident yesterday reminds us also: our work is not over, and it will not be any time soon. Whilst...
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