Communication from the Commission to the European parliament and the Council on preserving and strengthening Schengen.

Brussels, 27 settembre 2017
COM(2017) 570 final

1. Introduction The Schengen area is the largest free travel area in the world. It allows more than 400 million EU citizens, as well as visitors, to move freely and goods and services to flow unhindered. Schengen is one of the major achievements of European integration and the Commission is fully committed to safeguard and preserve the free movement it ensures of persons. The absence of internal border control constitutes the very essence of Schengen. In an area without controls at internal borders, cross-border threats affecting public policy or internal security of that area are a matter of common interest. The absence of internal border controls in the Schengen area has always been accompanied by measures in the areas of external borders, visa policy, the Schengen Information System, data protection, police cooperation, judicial cooperation in criminal matters and drugs policies. In an area where persons may move freely, the reintroduction of border control at internal borders is...
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