Fifth report from the Commission to the European parliament, the European council and the Council on the operationalisation of the European Border and Coast Guard.

European commission
Brussels, 6.9.2017

COM(2017) 467 final

1. EUROPEAN BORDER AND COAST GUARD – PUTTING IN PLACE EUROPEAN INTEGRATED BORDER MANAGEMENT The effective protection of the European Union's external borders remains the essential element for the normal functioning of the Schengen area without internal border controls and for the delivery of the European Agenda on Migration. Since the entry into force of Regulation on the European Border and Coast Guard (hereinafter: the Regulation) eleven months ago, continuous efforts were made for its swift implementation, putting particular emphasis on making the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (hereinafter: the Agency) fully operational as quickly as possible. To this end, the Commission has been reporting on a regular basis on the progress made. The present report takes stock of the progress made since June 2017. In light of the progress achieved, it recalls the key actions which the Agency, the Commission and Member States still need to take in the coming months. The recommendations to...
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