Fifth progress report on the partnership framework with third countries under the european agenda on migration.

Report from the Commission to the European parliament, the European council and the Council
Brussels, 6.9.2017

COM(2017) 471 final

1. Introduction This Fifth Progress Report provides an update on the implementation of the Partnership Framework, as well as the actions taken in order to respond to the lessons learned identified in the Fourth Progress Report. Over the summer season, there has been a reduction in the number of crossings of irregular migrants through the Central Mediterranean route. In the months of July and August, 15 373 arrivals were recorded in Italy, compared to 44 846 in the same months in 2016. Overall, 99 846 migrants have arrived so far in 2017 (until 4 September); in the same period in 2016 115 068 migrants arrived. According to the International Organisation for Migration, 2 410 people have died at sea so far in 2017 while attempting to reach the European shores, but there were only 19 deaths recorded in all of August. These trends reflect the enhanced efforts carried out jointly by Italy and the European Union, in line with the Action Plan on measures to support Italy, to step up...
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