Accordo per l’abolizione del visto con il Brasile.

Consiglio dell’Unione europea
Lussemburgo, 7 ottobre 2010

The Council adopted two agreements between the EU and Brazil which allow their citizens to travel to the other territory without a visa for stays of up to three months during a six months period. One agreement concerns holders of ordinary passports (13712/10), the other concerns holders of diplomatic, service or official passports (13708/10). The two agreements mark the end of negotiations started in April 2008. They do not replace, but supplement existing bilateral agreements between several EU member states and Brazil. The United Kingdom and Ireland are not bound by the agreements. For citizens from these two countries, the respective bilateral agreements continue to apply. A considerable improvement - mainly for four EU countries The agreements constitute a considerable improvement for EU citizens - in particular those of Estonia, Cyprus, Malta and Latvia. While Brazilian nationals were able to travel to all EU member states without requiring a visa for short stays (in accordance...
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