Conclusioni del Consiglio sul fenomeno dei minori stranieri non accompagnati.

Consiglio Giustizia e Affari Interni, Lussemburgo 3 giugno 2010
The Council adopted the following conclusions: "The Council: a) Considering that an increasing number of third-country nationals or stateless persons below the age of eighteen arrive annually on EU territory, unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or are left unaccompanied after they have entered EU territory; b) Taking into account that the reasons behind the arrival of this particularly vulnerable category of minors are manifold and include, inter alia: to escape from wars and conflicts, discrimination or persecution; being sent by their family in the expectation of work, for a future family reunification, a better life or in order to access education and welfare; to join family members; being victims of trafficking; c) Recalling that the EU Charter for Fundamental Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, establish that children should be treated as such regardless of their migratory status, nationality or background; d) Taking into account...
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