Council adopts position at first reading on the European Asylum Support Office.

Brussels, 25 February 2010
The Council today adopted a position at first reading on a draft regulation establishing a European Asylum Support Office (EASO) (16626/09 and 16626/2/09 ADD1 REV 2) and the related changes to the decision amending the European Refugee Fund (ERF) (16627/09 and 16627/09 ADD 1 REV 1 COR 1). As the Council's positions on the EASO regulation and the ERF decision reflect the compromise achieved in negotiations between the Council and the European Parliament, both texts are expected to be adopted without any amendments in a forthcoming plenary session of Parliament. The establishment of the EASO will be of key importance in further enhancing practical cooperation in the field of asylum. At the same time, ministers decided that the seat of the EASO will be Valletta, Malta. The support office is aimed at improving the implementation of the Common European Asylum System, strengthening practical cooperation among member states on asylum and providing and coordinating operational support to...
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