Le politiche migratorie europee sono discriminatorie nei confronti di migranti ROM.

Thomas Hammarberg
22 febbraio 2010

European governments are not giving Roma migrants the same treatment as others who are in similar need of protection. Roma migrants are returned by force to places where they are at risk of human rights violations. In Germany, Austria and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, large numbers of Roma migrants have been given tolerated status, essentially a form of temporary protection against expulsion. It does not confer residence or social rights. An example of this is the German duldung status. There are credible allegations that Roma from outside the EU are more likely to be provided with “duldung” status rather than a more durable status, compared with non-Roma third country nationals. These aspects were examined in a study (“Recent Migration of Roma in Europe”) published jointly by me and Knut Vollebeck, the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities in April 2009. The study provides an analysis of the existing human rights...
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