Council Conclusions on Mobility Partnerships as a tool of the Global Approach to Migration.

2979th JUSTICE and HOME AFFAIRS Council meeting
Brussels, 30 november 2009

The Council adopted the following conclusions: "1. The Council recalls the Commission’s Communication of 16 May 2007 on Circular Migration and Mobility Partnerships between the European Union and third countries, the Council Conclusions of June 2007 on extending and enhancing the Global Approach to Migration, the Council Conclusions of December 2007 on Mobility Partnerships and Circular Migration in the framework of the Global Approach to Migration, and the European Council Conclusions of June 2008. Moreover, the Council confirms the relevance of the criteria identified in the Council Conclusions of November 2008 on the evaluation of the Global Approach to migration and on the partnership with countries of origin and transit. 2. The Council also recalls the June 2008 Presidency Conclusions inviting the Commission to evaluate the pilot Mobility Partnerships and welcomes in this context the Commission’s preliminary evaluation entitled “Mobility Partnerships as a tool of...
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